How Tipit Works?

How to subscribe?

  1. Send a subscribe request
  2. Contact him via chat if he runs a paid group

Note for tipsters: A manual subscription can be added only to users who have sent a subscribe request.


Posted tip will be sent instantly on your app or via browser by using the Google Chrome Google Push Notifications.

New Tip

Besides posting a new tip, drafts can be created for easer editing and posting once the game is being played.

My Tips

A statistical overview of the groups you manage with a current list of posted tips, including an option to settle the tips manually.

My Groups

  • My Subscription
    Gives an overview of the groups being followed or subscribed to.
  • My Groups (visible for tipsters only)
    User management, including subscription extension.

    • List of users who have subscribed
    • List of users who have sent subscribe request
    • List of expired subscriptions

The given page shows the list of users who have started following your group. There is the option to either accept or remove them. Note that a user has to start following a certain group first, before getting the chance to subscribe to that group. This extra step provides protection from unwelcome people. Therefore, the “follow” request has to be accepted in order to give that user the chance to subscribe to that group. Followers do not receive tips, only subscribers do.

My Account

  • Group settings – group information can be added and edited here
  • Change role – Change your role from tipster to subscriber or vice-versa.
  • Screenshots – List of users who have taken a screenshot of the tip.
  • Timezone – Change your timezone setting.
  • BetBallers Integration – Generate a token key to connect Tipit and Betballers account to each other. Paste the generated token in the “Tipit token” field on the account page on BetBallers.

Private group

Private group will not be visible in the tipsters section. Private group has its own URL, that can be shared to others for subscribing.


We have seven type of notifications, all of them should be self-explanatory:

  • Subscribe request
  • Subscribe request accepted
  • User subscribed
  • Tip posted
  • Shout posted
  • Review posted
  • Screenshot detected

BetBallers Integration

BetBallers is a tool that bettors use to conduct research for a pre-game bet or to quickly find the best bet on in-play. Therefore, we have integrated these two platforms to enhance the betting experience even more. Placing a tip via BetBallers is just one click away. In addition, the integration function provides the chance to use Tipit as a spreadsheet tool to track your own bets (just create a private group for yourself)

Generate a token key to connect Tipit and Betballers account to each other. Paste the generated token in the “Tipit token” field on the account page on BetBallers.

Once it is done, you will see the icon on the BetBallers In-Play view.

BetBallers logo

Find the Best Bet in No Time

A Must-Have Tool for Bettors

BetBallers is a tool made for soccer bettors to enhance their performance of in-play and pre-game betting to ensure a more satisfying experience! The best coverage of games, customisable & user-friendly layout with notification system lowers significantly the chance of missing a potential bet.

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